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Tuesday Tomb – QV44

Tuesday Tomb – QV44

QV44 is the tomb of Khaemwaset, a principal son of Ramesses III, in the Valley of the Queens. Khaemwaset was a sem-priest of the god Ptah at Memphis. He is depicted in the tomb with his father, Ramesses III (below). One of the prince’s canopic jars resides in the Cairo Museum, and a mummy which […]

Studying Egyptology #2 – European undergraduate courses #1

Studying Egyptology #2 – European undergraduate courses #1

The rising tuition fee situation in the United Kingdom is driving many prospective undergraduates to seek cheaper fees overseas. There are many excellent undergraduate Egyptology programmes in Europe – here I present a brief overview of those available. AUSTRIA: The Universität Wien, or University of Vienna, has its own Egyptological institute, and offers a bachelors degree […]

NEWS: Maintain independent antiquities ministry, Egypt’s archaeologists tell Morsi

Archaeologists’ syndicate calls on President Mohamed Morsi and PM Hisham Qandil to maintain independence and cabinet status of antiquities ministry – via Ahram Online.

Museum piece #5 – MMA 26.7.767

Museum piece #5 – MMA 26.7.767

MMA 26.7.767 is a gold finger ring from the reign of the well-known Amarna period pharaoh, Akhenaten. The ring probably depicts Akhenaten and his great royal wife, Nefertiti, as the deities Shu and Tefnut. This ring, together with the various other depictions of the king and queen as Shu and Tefnut, reveals much about Atenism, […]

Thursday Photo

This week’s photo is courtesy of Hieroglyphica.

NEWS: First Dynasty funerary boat discovered at Egypt’s Abu Rawash

French archaeological mission discovers 3000BC funeral boat of King Den northeast of Giza Plateau, indicating earlier presence at the Archaic period cemetery – via Ahram Online.

The Lion Queen #1 – the purpose and artistic significance of the maned sphinx of Hatshepsut

Djeser-Djeseru, the mortuary temple of the 18th dynasty female pharaoh, Hatshepsut, is an astounding example of ancient Egyptian architecture. Much of its statuary is now housed within museum collections across the world, and it is evident from the high quality works that Hatshepsut had extremely skilled craftsmen at her disposal. Among the statues recovered from […]

NEWS: The pyramids are fine

A slightly satirical response to the recent controversy surrounding the ‘pyramid destruction; hoax – via Daily News Egypt.

NEWS: Pharaoh Snefru’s playground in the desert

Pharaoh Snefru, the “King of the Pyramids,” developed his building skills over a 2.3 square mile playground in the desert, according to a new study into the geology of the Dahshur royal necropolis in Egypt – via Discovery News.

NEWS: Ra II Voyage: How Ancient Egypt inspired Pre-Colombian civilizations

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Thor Heyerdahl, the legendary explorer famous for showing the Pharaohs were possibly capable of crossing the Atlantic to establish contact with Western Hemisphere’s cultures – via Ahram Online.