Tuesday Tomb – QV44

QV44 Tomb of Khaemwaset during its discovery in 1903. This photo was taken by members of the Italian archaeological mission (Wikimedia Commons: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:QV44_1903.jpg).

QV44 is the tomb of Khaemwaset, a principal son of Ramesses III, in the Valley of the Queens. Khaemwaset was a sem-priest of the god Ptah at Memphis. He is depicted in the tomb with his father, Ramesses III (below).

Relief scene depicting Ramesses III followed by Prince Khaemwaset (Wikimedia Commons: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Khaemwaset_and_RamsesIII.jpg).

One of the prince’s canopic jars resides in the Cairo Museum, and a mummy which is believed to be Khaemwaset himself is in the Museo Egizio Turin. His sarcophagus is also in Turin.

QV44 is one of the most beautifully decorated tombs in the Valley of the Queens.

17 comments on “Tuesday Tomb – QV44

  1. A beautiful tomb indeed QV44. I Love Egyptology and would like to see Valley of the Queens,and the Nobles.Enjoyed visiting Valley of the Kings. Love these blogs abt Egypt.Thanks.

  2. I was fortunate enough to visit all 3 of the tomb ‘valleys’. But it was over 30 years ago. Have any more been found in that time?

    • I have visited several of the Kings’ tombs in their valley, having visited it three times, two of the Queens’ tombs and three of the nobles over the years.
      To record which precise ones I’ve visited after all this time would now require searching thro’ lots of ‘old stuff. I’m in the process of digitalising a large collection of slide..and making slow progress!
      But I have visited the tombs of: Tut-En-Kamen, Ramese II, Tuthmoses iii (I think). The problem is with TheValley of the Kings is that they open and close different ones (apart from Tut-en Kamen’s and RamesesII) and different ones will be open in different years/ times of year although Tut En Kamen’s and Rameses ii’s are almost always open, which is causing problems I understand.
      I first went in 1981 as a bachelor with a small group, travelling by train and mini-bus, when most of Egypt was safe..or at least safe-er than it has been recently and visited Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel. I then went back more recently with my wife to Luxor, twice (There’s a story there with which I shall not bore you!).
      Apart from the majesty of the Karnak and Luxor temples, the museums in Luxor are very well worth seeing, as of course is the Cairo one..when it’s safe to go there again!

  3. That top photo is amazing! Great post

  4. Great blog, amazing pictures, I visited three tombs in the Valley of the Kings last year, they were even greater than I expected. Can’t imagine how they where originally.
    I Love Egypt

  5. […] is similar to the tomb (QV44) of Amunherkhepshef’s brother, Khaemwaset, although it is smaller. It has been noted that […]

  6. Just come back from visiting this tomb, amongst others. I am already planning my next trip back for early next year. Great website!

  7. […] of the princes Khaemwaset and Amunherkhepshef – her tomb lies close to those of the princes (QV44 and QV55), and bears some striking resemblances to these tombs in terms of decoration and layout, […]

  8. You say:”Khaemwaset is believed to have died at aged just fifteen”
    It’s wrong!!!!
    Khaemwaset died when his younger brother Ramses was pharaoh.

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