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Ancient Egypt Today: Director of Design at Harrods – The Egyptian Escalator

“This is the one project, which, without hesitation, or embarrassment, I feel I am able to call my masterpiece. My client, Mohammed Al Fayed was never in doubt ( and he was paying for it) – throughout the project he never queried, or questioned any part of it. He just looked at the sketch proposals […]

Museum piece #10 – D31

Museum piece #10 – D31

D31 is a 5.7 tonne granite sculpture of four baboons, standing on their hind legs, adoring the rising sun, which resides in the Louvre Museum, Paris. It originally formed a part of the base of the back of the east obelisk at the Temple of Amun in Luxor. The obelisk still remains at Luxor, however […]

Thursday Photo

This week’s photo is courtesy of The Egypt Exploration Society.

Ancient Egypt Today: Loopy but loveable – how Shirley MacLaine believes her dog was once an Egyptian god and that UFO’s hover over her hot tub

“Hollywood is famous for the wacky beliefs of its biggest stars. But in the alternative universe that is Tinseltown, Shirley MacLaine espouses the loopiest ideas of all. MacLaine’s pet dog, a miniature rat terrier called Terry, is apparently the reincarnation of the jackal-headed ancient Egyptian god Anubis” – via Daily Mail.

Ancient Egypt Today: ‘Jewel Master: Cradle of Egypt 2’ (NDS) Announced

“Cradle of Egypt 2 allows players to journey through 100 levels of challenging match-three fun, all while recreating the millennia-old civilization of Ancient Egypt” – via Worth Playing.

NEWS: ‘Google Earth pyramids’ revisited

“Remember that researcher who thought she spotted previously undiscovered Egyptian pyramids in Google Earth imagery? It turns out that there really are some ruins in the picture, but they’re not pyramids” – via Cosmic Log on NBC News.

NEWS: Israel to return stolen sarcophagus lids

“In April parts of two stolen Egyptian sarcophagus covers were found in Old City; Cairo says Israel agreed to send them back after lengthy negotiation” – via

ELECTRONIC RESOURCE: Egypt through the stereoscope – a journey through the land of the Pharaohs

Take a journey through the land of the Pharaohs, with stunning accompanying images (stereographs), maps, and temple plans. Staggeringly beautiful! Egypt through the stereoscope : a journey through the land of the Pharaohs [Electronic Edition]

Hello, mummy!

Hello, mummy!

Following on from last week’s installment on Ramesses II, this week’s post will take a look at his father, Seti I. Seti I was the second pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty, and the son of Ramesses I. Seti I reigned Egypt for between 11 and 15 years, although the exact length of his reign is […]

ARTICLE: Ancient herbal wines of Egypt and Palestine: a photo essay

“Patrick McGovern at the University of Pennsylvania has been studying the origins of wine making for a very long time. Recently, his work with the excavators of the tomb of the early Egyptian king Scorpion I has illuminated aspects of early Egyptian use of medicinal wines, and revealed important trade connections with the Levantine region” […]