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Studying Egyptology #4 – European undergraduate courses #3

This week’s installment focusses on the undergraduate courses that are available in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

The Academy building of the Universiteit Leiden (Wikimedia Commons: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Academiegebouw_Universiteit_Leiden.png).


The Universiteit Leiden offers a Bachelors degree in Egyptian Languages and Cultures. In the first year of the programme, students focus on Middle Egyptian, alongside material culture with classes in the National Museum of Antiquities, and are introduced to the culture and history of ancient Egypt and the Near East. During the second year, these areas of study are covered in more depth. Students also follow a two month programme in Cairo, and are introduced to current research projects and archaeological monuments and sites.

Language: Dutch

In a nutshell:  A fantastic in-depth degree for Dutch-speakers, which includes a valuable two months in Egypt.


The Université de Fribourg offers Egyptology courses within its Bachelors degrees in Art History and Archaeology. Exams can be taken either in French or German, dependent on the choice of the student.

Language: French and German.

In a nutshell: a good option for those who wish to gain a more wide-ranging degree.

This concludes the European undergraduate courses listings. The vast majority of European universities offering Egyptology courses focus on masters degrees and research degrees. These will be explored in future posts.

Next week: undergraduate courses in the USA.


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