Studying Egyptology – undergraduate courses in the USA #1

This week’s installment is the first of two posts focusing on undergraduate Egyptology degrees that are on offer in the USA.

The Brown University campus in Providence, Rhode Island (photograph from: http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/brown-university-3401/photos).

Brown University offers the chance to select an Egyptian and Ancient Western Asian Archaeology pathway within its Archaeology and the Ancient World concentration. The student must take introductory courses in archaeological methodology, history and/or theoretical approaches, ancient art history, cognate courses, not listed primarily by the Joukowsky Institute of Archaeology, which either relate to the study of the ancient world or to the discipline of archaeology (offerings in other departments include Ancient Studies, Anthropology, Classics, Egyptology and Ancient Western Asian Studies, Environmental Studies, Geological Sciences, History, History of Art and Architecture, and Religious Studies), Mediterranean (Bronze Age, Greek or Roman) archaeology and art, Egyptian and Near Eastern archaeology and art, and course work in an ancient language (e.g. Aramaic, Akkadian, Coptic, Classical Hebrew, Middle Egyptian).

Language: English

In a nutshell: a great degree for those who do not wish to limit themselves to Egyptology within their undergraduate studies. 

The John Hopkins University offers courses in Egyptology within its BA Archaeology and BA Near Eastern Studies, which include Ancient Egyptian Civilisation, Ancient Egypt within Africa, Ancient Egyptian Art, Topics in the History of Egypt and language courses. There are also a wide range of graduate courses that may be taken if the course instructor agrees.

Language: English

In a nutshell: a good range of topics including history and language for those who wish to gain a more wide-ranging undergraduate degree. 

The BA Near Eastern Languages and Civilisations at the University of Chicago offers courses in Egyptian Languages and Civilization. The student chooses an area of specialization and devises a program of study, in consultation with an undergraduate programmes counsellor. This enables the student to set themselves up with for graduate study or a career in museums and other sectors.

Language: English

In a nutshell: Perfect degree for those who wish to pursue further studies in Egyptology, or a career in related areas. 

Next week: undergraduate degrees in the USA #2.

2 comments on “Studying Egyptology – undergraduate courses in the USA #1

  1. If you want to study anything ancient, UChicago is the place to be. That’s where I hope to do my graduate studies. Brown is mediocre at best (Most Ivy League is overrated) …but UPenn, Standford and CUNY have pretty good programs.

  2. You can also study Egyptology at the grad and undergrad level at Indiana University – Bloomington:

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