Ancient Egypt Today: David Fincher Pulls Out Of The Cleopatra Remake

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra in the original film, Cleopatra (Photograph from: http://wwwcinemastyle.blogspot.co.uk/2010_06_20_archive.html).

According to Vulture, director David Fincher has broken off talks with Sony to helm the remake of Cleopatra, which would see Angelina Jolie in the role as the infamous last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt” – via We Got This Covered.


12 comments on “Ancient Egypt Today: David Fincher Pulls Out Of The Cleopatra Remake

  1. I don’t think there will be an actress as good as Elizabeth Taylor in the role of Cleopatra.

  2. Yuck… I don’t like Angelina Jolie… She’s good in movies like Salt or Tomb Raider, but as Cleopatra ?!! I hope it’s just a rumour. I can imagine the kind of Cleopatra she would be, tortured, shagging with all men she meets (ok, Cleopatra wasn’t what we could call an angel, but in movies this aspect is exaggerated),… And she obviously will lack the “grandeur” of a queen…

    • I think perhaps Rachel Weisz would be a good choice? She’s classier and a better actress in my opinion…

      • Yeah, Rachel Weisz would be a good choice ! I like her in “La Momie” (“The Mummy” in Engish, I presume ?), and she was stunning in “Agora” ! I agree with you she’s classier and a better actress than Angie. She’s also more beautiful and natural.
        The Italian Monica Bellucci has once played the role of Cleopatra, but in a humourous movie, the adaptation of the comic “Asterix and Cleopatra”. But I can’t see her in an historical movie about the ptolemaic queen. She’s not serious enough.
        I find Sophie Marceau could be a very good Cleopatra. She’s got the class, the charm, etc. And she’s known outside France thanks to her role of a James Bond girl in “The world is not enough”.

      • Yes, ‘The Mummy’! I only watched ‘Agora’ recently for a module on Alexandria – I loved it! Very thought provoking and moving!

  3. Infamous last Pharaoh?” Why infamous? In the end, she lost … but that doesn’t make her infamous. Even Octavian/Augustus left her royal statues stand in Egypt (true, in return for a bribe of 2,000 talents; but you can’t have everything). A graffito on a temple at Philae shows that her statues were still being cared for as late as AD 373, when Egypt, and indeed the whole of the Roman Empire was officially Christian. Don’t fall for Roman propaganda, please 🙂

  4. Do you think Jennifer Lopez would be good as Cleopatra? I think she is quite beautiful.

  5. I Have’nt seen “Maid in Manhatten” Who is in that.? Actually I like some modern films,but love all the Black and White oldies. They don’t make em like that any more,as they say. Enjoy our chats.

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