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ARTICLE: Getting high in the Egyptian pyramids

(Source: Subversify).

“When first I heard the tale of the subject of this story not many years ago, I was amazed and delighted. You see, whenever the ‘experts’ are confounded and proven wrong, I always give three cheers and all credit to the person who caused the confusion. One of the best examples is the Coelacanth. All the experts stated that it was as extinct as prehistoric animals. The only problem was that nobody told the fish as it was found happily swimming about in South African waters in 1938. It is now comparatively common but conveniently known by the ‘experts’ as a ‘living fossil’.

However, as the heading of this little story suggests, it has nothing whatsoever to do with fish. Some excellent scientific work which will be explained later, poses some very important questions” – via Subversify.



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