EVENT: Ancient Egypt history class needs more members or faces the end

“An ancient Egypt history class urgently needs more members or faces the end.

The Egyptology class has been held in Wanstead House, The Green, for the last eight years, but could face the end if new members aren’t found by Monday 8th October.

It is run by the Workers’ Educational Association, which requires 12 members to run a class. When the class met for the start of a ten week session on Monday, they only had eight members.

Each term the class studies a different aspect of ancient Egypt and this term they are studying a place called Deir el-Medina, which was a village built for highly skilled craftsmen who lived there with their families while working on the Pharoahs’ tombs” – Redbridge News.

The class costs £75 for the term, with sessions held on a Monday afternoon between 1.30pm and 3.30pm.

For more information call 0208 989 8080.



3 comments on “EVENT: Ancient Egypt history class needs more members or faces the end

  1. I’m surprised that they’re having trouble filling classes, especially ones on Egyptian history seeing that Ancient Egypt has a very wide appeal (more so than, say, ancient Mesopotamia or the Indus civilization).

    • I agree! Perhaps it’s the cost? In the current economic climate, I doubt many people have £75 to spend on a recreational course – I know I couldn’t afford it 😦

      • That was my first thought too and one I can understand. I would have liked to continue with my distance learning degree but the module fees are now double what they were when I completed the undergraduate certificate. While my job is relatively secure, I can definitely see why others would be equally unwilling to spend so much money on something with is (for me, at least) little more than a hobby.

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