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NEWS: A facsimile fit for a Pharaoh: replica of Tutankhamun’s tomb unveiled in Egypt

Detailed: The copy of Tutankhamun’s tomb (above) is briefly on display in Cairo but will eventually be sent to Luxor (Source: The Daily Mail).

More information on the unveiling of the replica of Tutankhamun’s tomb:

“When King Tutankhamun was laid to rest more than three millennia ago in his gilded tomb, few could have believed its splendour could ever be recreated. Yet, that became a reality yesterday when an exact replica of the Boy King’s final resting place was unveiled to the world, in a bid to protect the original.

The ancient burial chamber is a highlight of any trip to Luxor’s famous Valley of the Kings but could soon be closed to the public forever.

The replica was completed in 2011 and flown to Cairo last week to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the discovery of the tomb by archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922.

After being officially unveiled in the Egyptian capital yesterday, it will now be stored at the European Union embassy until the Egyptian Government gives the go-ahead for it to be transferred to the Valley of the Kings” – via The Daily Mail.

Read more here.


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