Ancient Egypt Today: A taste of Egypt built in the heart of Canterbury

20121123-070504.jpgThe old synagogue in Canterbury, one of the best examples of Egyptian revival synagogue.

“Egyptologist Chris Elliott has found more than 50 sites across the country where the culture’s architecture and design can be found.

Among them is the Old Synagogue in King Street, Canterbury, which features in Mr Elliott’s new book Egypt In England, published by English Heritage to mark the anniversary.

Egypt In England features essays on the architectural and Egyptological background of the buildings, including glossaries of architectural terms and ancient Egyptian deities for those who don’t know their architrave from their entablature, or their Anubis from their Uraeus.

Mr Elliott, who leads Eyptian London Walk tours, has also co-curated an exhibition at the Quadriga Gallery, Wellington Arch, in London, of images and artefacts that feature in the book.
The exhibition opened this week and will run until January 13” – via This Is Kent.

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4 comments on “Ancient Egypt Today: A taste of Egypt built in the heart of Canterbury

  1. Many thanks for all the information you are proving. It is all very interesting and useful.
    Love your funnies page by the way,

  2. Sorry, spelling mistake should read ( providing)

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