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NEWS: Montu Temple reveals new pharaonic secrets

20121123-065728.jpgThe newly discovered statue in situ.

“A royal statue of a yet unidentified New Kingdom king has been unearthed at Montu Temple in Luxor.

A French archaeological mission from the French Institute for Archaeological Studies have unearthed a yet unidentified royal statue of a New Kingdom king during routine excavations at Montu Temple, northeast of Karnak Temple in Luxor.

The statue is 125 centimetres tall and made of black granite and depicts a standing king wearing short dress with hands aside.

Christopher Tiers, head of the archaeological mission, said that early studies of the statue suggest that the artistic features of the depicted king confirm its royalty.

The statue is to be transferred to the storage facilities of the Ministry of State for Antiquities (MSA) for restoration and documentation. Tiers asserted that excavation at the site is in full swing in order to find any additional statues that may enable archaeologists to identify the New Kingdom king” – via Ahram Online.

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One comment on “NEWS: Montu Temple reveals new pharaonic secrets

  1. Another great find.!!……..Is there more I wonder? Archaeology is a wonderful subject,even more so with today’s technology. Only problem is, the funding to be able to carry it out.Plus there is more after when conservation needs to be carried out. Good luck to all you hard working archaeoloists out there.

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