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NEWS: Discovery of a child’s sarcophagus dating back to the 17th Dynasty

(Source: Egypte actualités).

(Source: Égypte-actualités).

“Minister of Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim announced the discovery of a sarcophagus of a child dating back to the 17th Dynasty, in the tomb of a man named Djehuty – considered an important statesman of the time Queen Hatshepsut, in the region of Dra Abul Naga, on the west bank of Luxor.

The Minister explained that the sarcophagus was discovered by a Spanish mission led by Jose Galan at work in the open courtyard of the tomb of Djehuty. These works form part of the restoration project and recording the grave. The dimensions of the sarcophagus discovered (0,90 m x 0,28 m x 0,20 m) show that it is a child. No registration is engraved.

For his part, Mr. Mansour Boreik, supervisor of the archaeological area of ​​Luxor, said the mission also uncovered a wide range of pottery and statues shawabtis (servants) of wood wrapped in linen. These statues found near the child’s sarcophagus represent the Ahmose priest, one of the most important priests at the time of the royal family in the 18th Dynasty” – via  Égypte-actualités.

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One comment on “NEWS: Discovery of a child’s sarcophagus dating back to the 17th Dynasty

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