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NEWS: King Tut’s bed, jewellery box, 3 religious boats to arrive in Egyptian museum for restoration

The golden bed of King Tutankhamun (Source: Ahram Online).

The golden bed of King Tutankhamun (Source: Ahram Online).

“Five artefacts from collection of boy king Tutankhamun are to be transferred to the new Grand Egyptian Museum, overlooking Giza plateau.

Within the coming days, five artefacts from the golden King Tutankhamun’s collection are to be transported to the planned Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) overlooking the Giza plateau for restoration and to prepare them to be exhibited in the king’s hall when the museum open in 2015.

The king’s golden wooden bed, plain jewellery box and three tiny wooden religious boats were part of a collection that went on a five-year tour of several US states and Japan.

GEM Director Hussein Abdel Bassir tells Ahram Online that these objects will undergo restoration and will be stored in the museum’s galleries with a collection of 501 of Tutankhamun’s items already in the museum.

He adds that the complete collection will be on display at the GEM when it opens to the public in 2015 in 7500 square metre hall, which is seven times larger than the halls allocated to display the boy king’s collection at the Egyptian museum in Tahrir Square, downtown Cairo” – via Ahram Online.

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I cannot wait for the new GEM to open – it will be wonderful to see the complete collection of Tutankhamun’s treasures in one place, and in such a wonderful new building in which they can be cared for in order to preserve them for many years to come. 


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