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NEWS: The Famous Vizier’s tomb is now found

20130220-202515.jpg(Source: Luxor Times).

“Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim announced the discovery of the tomb of the Vizier of Upper and Lower Egypt who held the title “the First Royal Herald of the Lord of the two lands” at the time of Ramses II (1304-1237 B.C) called Khay at Shiekh Abd el-Qurna in Luxor west bank. The area excavations are done by the Mission of Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB).

He said that remains of a mud brick pyramid above the tomb were found. The height of the pyramid is about 15 meters and width 12 meters capped with a pyramidion shows a scene of the tomb owner worshipping the god Ra-Horakhty (Horus in the Horizon).

The discovered tomb is on the same axis of Ramses II mortuary temple “The Ramesseum”. The minister added that the mud brick pyramids used to be built on top of the state officials at the Ramasside period” – via Luxor Times.

Read more here.

Very exciting news! It’s so fantastic when a name from a text becomes much more of a reality!


One comment on “NEWS: The Famous Vizier’s tomb is now found

  1. To me this also evidence that the Egyptian knowleg about pyramids was already gone by the time of ramses the second.

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