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NEWS: Key Finds at Egypt’s Heraklion

(Source: Greek World Reporter).

(Source: Greek World Reporter).

“A series of important archaeological findings has gradually been unearthed by the sunken submarine research in the Heraklion port located in ancient Egypt, the last years, according to announcements made at an international scientific conference at the University of Oxford.

Researchers of the Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology (OCMA), in collaboration with the European Institute of Underwater Archaeology (IEASM) and the Department of Antiquities of Egypt have been conducting underwater researches in the region since 2000, and every year new data comes to light.

‘Surveys have revealed a huge submerged landscape with remains of at least two major ancient settlements in a part of the Nile, where natural and artificial navigable channels intersected’ Dr. Damien Robinson, director of the Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology said” – via Greek World Reporter.

Read more here.

It’s amazing that these treasures are being rescued from the deep blue depths of the sea – once thought lost, the ancient city of Heraklion is coming back to life!

One comment on “NEWS: Key Finds at Egypt’s Heraklion

  1. More Great News. Love this blog it keeps me informed well ahead. Thankyou.

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