NEWS: Looting Egypt – Abu Sir Al-Maleq

20130606-132718.jpg2000 year-old human remains are scattered across the site after the looters contaminated the site and ruined it (Source: Daily News Egypt).

“The state of looting in Abu Sir Al-Maleq in Beni Suef has reached an alarming level.

The looting of antiquities sites, both urban and rural, is continuing throughout Egypt, contributing to the dramatic loss of the country’s heritage. Unfortunately, with police and military presence at archaeological and urban sites still insufficient, there is no one to stop the looting.

The increase in looting is allied to the worsening economic situation in Egypt, coupled with the lack of security. People still think that pharaonic sites are filled with gold and treasures, just waiting to be dug up, so now, with no one to stop them, more people are looking for the nearest place where they can go dig for gold, then other artefacts that they can sell for immediate revenue.

This idea that gold is readily available is an old and mistaken one; few pharaonic era tombs had a lot of gold, and most of those had been robbed at least 200 years ago, if not longer” – via Daily News Egypt.

Read more here.

This is devastating news. I really hope that this looting can be brought under control before it’s too late.


3 comments on “NEWS: Looting Egypt – Abu Sir Al-Maleq

  1. Looting seems to be far too common lately. Egypt, Syria, Mali….not to mention all the other incidents in other countries that fail to make the headlines. It’s a very sad state of affairs, though, I suppose, most of us can afford to have the moral higher ground on this issue. The looters are probably unemployed and have families to feed, so while I certainly don’t condone looting or the illegal sale of antiquities, I can understand why they do it. From an academic point of view, it’s absolutely tragic. 😦

  2. What a pity. So much unrest among people in all countries as well as Egypt. Who is there that can keep this situation under control . There is corruption everywhere. Severe punishment should be applied to those who are caught looting even if they are living below the poverty line.

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