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NEWS: Mummy returns as scientists probe what lies beneath

20130607-171352.jpgScientists have begun to uncover the mysteries behind a 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy discovered by chance after more than seven decades in storage (Source: Channel 4 News).

“The mummy was taken to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital for a conventional X-ray and CT scan for the very first time. Researchers are piecing together the life and death of what lies beneath the bandages.

The human mummy was last night transported from Scotland to the north west by specialist couriers experienced in dealing with priceless artefacts. The coffin lid was loose, so the curators knew there was a mummy inside, but they did not know any more about it.

Speaking before the scans were carried out, Dr McKnight, a research associate, said: “We think that it may have come from the ancient city of Thebes and that the individual could be female, but until the tests are run we can’t be sure. The scan will be done with the top half of the coffin removed.”

Following the scans, researchers found that the mummy bundle contains an adult skeleton. However, despite being in a coffin it has suffered “extensive disruption” to its central section (thorax and upper limbs)” – via Channel 4 News.

Read more here.

CT scanning of mummies has become increasingly popular of late, and it is amazing what the scans can tell us about these individuals’ lives. It’s great to see a non-intrusive method achieving so much!


One comment on “NEWS: Mummy returns as scientists probe what lies beneath

  1. Interesting post thank you. Look forward to final results.
    Nice to hear that Zahi Hawass is back on the scene.

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