NEWS: 2,500 year old mummy cleaned because salt is leaching from its flesh

20130608-200836.jpgA 2,500-year-old Egyptian mummy came out of his coffin Friday to undergo cleaning and restoration at Massachusetts General Hospital (Source: RYOT).

“The mummy known as Padihershef has been on display at the third oldest general hospital in the United States since it received him as a gift from the city of Boston in 1823 as a medical oddity. He is one of the first complete mummies brought to the United States.

A conservator trained in restoring ancient artifacts removed him from his coffin Friday and began using cotton swabs dabbed in saliva to wipe away salt deposits from his face. The salt has been slowly seeping out of his tissue, a result of the mummification process. Experts are also expected to do minor repair and stabilization work on his coffin.

Padihershef was a 40-year-old stonecutter in the necropolis in Thebes, an ancient city on the west bank of the Nile, in what is today’s Luxor. He was a gift from a Dutch diplomat who was happy with the city of Boston’s hospitality, officials said.

No one knows exactly how he lived or died. Experts are exploring those questions through a conservation project supported by the hospital and donors” – via RYOT.

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4 comments on “NEWS: 2,500 year old mummy cleaned because salt is leaching from its flesh

  1. Great post as always.. Nice to see that the dead are being looked after. Isn’t he a lucky mummy.

  2. The most important Mummy to Jewish ,Muslims and supposed to Christians the one of the Pharon ( King of egypt ) during the Mose’s phase (The prophet prayers upon him ) the one who went after him and israel’s sons and kick them out of Egypt .

    There is a one man who had not been mumified by ancient egyption . he had been mumified naturally.
    He had been mentioned several times in the last holy book from our God ( The Quran) in the original Arabic text by ( فرعون ( as ( Pharo’on) . even Mose’s and his Pharoo had been mentioned almost 131 time for ( Mosa ) and almost 60 times for Pharon the last .

    Depend on the stories i wanna tell u some objectives of him :

    1-The Mummy of Pharo of Mosa supposed to be filled with salt from the sea .
    2-supposed to have whats like the clay of silt in his mouth .
    3-the only mummy which had been mummified naturally not by men .
    4-he had a broken teeth . he was a great man during wars and he lost a lot of teeth during wars .
    5- his hair is stained with black color .
    6-he supposed to be a fat and short with no egyption roots instead a parsian roots.

    i hope i was helpfull for u , Thanks a lot with all respect of ur science : ) .
    Peace be upon you .
    from Omar M. Khattab . from Cairo of Egypt .
    omar_khatab_2@yahoo.com ( for Twitter and FB )

  3. excuse me , i found an evident about the only Mummy had been mummified with his organs inside him . ( which is not the usual manner of Mummification in which Organs or any blood must be removed ) .
    also had been found a resin like materials had been put forcefully into his mouth .
    the same characters of Mose’s Pharo .

    here is the article ,about Unknown mummy E >

    Unknown Man E is an oddity. Included in his coffin was a sheepskin, a ritually unclean object for ancient Egyptians. His organs were apparently not removed, so he didn’t undergo the usual elaborate mummification process, but he was included in the royal mummy cache. Brier made several new observations, such as resin had been poured into the mouth, and the undecorated (but high quality) wooden coffin E was found in had been hastily cut back to accommodate the mummy. Even more than with Unknown Woman A, something precluded the careful arrangement of this mummy. Unlike A, we might have a historical reason. Maspero suggested that E was Prince Pentewere, who was involved in a conspiracy against his father, Ramesses III, and after trial was allowed to take his own life. Other identifications have been suggested: a Hittite prince sent to Egypt to marry Tutankhamun’s widow or an important Egyptian who died abroad and was mummified in an ad hoc way by local priests. Brier concluded “While I cannot prove that this is the mummy of Pentewere, that identification seems to fit the curious facts of Unknown Man E.” In this scenario, E/Pentewere’s body was given some minimal mummification by sympathizers who were able to secret him into a tomb in the Valley of the Kings. “In Unknown Man E,” Brier told me, “his jaw may be open because the poured resin down the throat and left him with open mouth.”

    here is the link :

    Thanks a lot for the interactive Blog of you : )

    Peace be upon you )

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