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NEWS: Ancient Egyptian noble tombs of ‘virgin site’ looted

20130616-185250.jpgA nobles’ tomb site, not yet fully excavated, has been looted in Aswan (Source: Ahram Online).

“Three dozen members of an armed gang invaded and stole the contents of five tombs from the Qubbet Al-Hawa (The Dome of The Winds) ancient Egyptian necropolis on Aswan’s west bank.

The lack of security in Egypt continues to negatively affect archaeological sites, especially those located in remote areas.

The Qubbet Al-Hawa necropolis is named after the domed tomb of a Muslim Sufi cleric located at the crest of the hill. The area consists of a large collection of rock-hewn tombs of ancient Egyptian nobles who ruled Aswan throughout the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms.

Since Egypt’s 2011 revolution there are no longer permanent Tourism and Antiquities Police security guards. Furthermore, antiquities guards are not well-armed to stand against these gangs of looters.

“We are asking the police to guard the necropolis permanently in order to protect a very distinguished archaeological site,” assert the archaeologists.

Ministry of State for Antiquities archaeology consultant, Mohamed Hamada tells Ahram Online that the Aswan inspectorate reported the case to the police, who came the site, but the criminal still escaped. The ministry, he went on, sent an archaeological committee to inspect the invaded tombs in order to report on any loss.

Investigations are now taking place, said Hamad, and more procedures will be taken to protect the highly-distinguished ancient Egyptian site” – via Ahram Online.

Read more here.

Such sad news! Something needs to be done to stop this looting and devastation, and soon.


One comment on “NEWS: Ancient Egyptian noble tombs of ‘virgin site’ looted

  1. Please stop looting the tombs of the deceased. You can’t take it with you. May the Gods & Goddesses be your judges.

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