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NEWS: German boy finds ‘a mummy’ in grandmother’s attic

20130803-162805.jpgThe Kettler family plan to get their “mummy” examined by archaeological experts in Berlin (Source: BBC News).

“A 10-year-old German boy has found what appears to be a mummy hidden in a corner of his grandmother’s attic.

The “mummy” was inside a sarcophagus complete with hieroglyphic adornments, packed in a wooden crate.

But it is unclear whether the bandaged item found by Alexander Kettler in Diepholz, northern Germany, is a genuine relic from ancient Egypt.

Alexander’s father Lutz Wolfgang Kettler, a dentist, said he had not X-rayed the mysterious find.

Instead he plans to load it into his car and drive it to Berlin to be examined by experts, he told the Bild newspaper.

Mr Kettler said he had little doubt that the sarcophagus, as well as a death mask and a canopic jar – used by ancient Egyptians to store removed organs – found nearby, were replicas. However, he believes the mummy may be real” – via BBC News.

Read more here.

It’s amazing what people discover in their attics! I hope that if the mummy is genuine, that it will be properly looked after by professionals from now on…


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