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NEWS: Ancient Egyptian objects recovered

20130901-155524.jpgFive more artefacts looted from Malawi National Museum were retrieved on Saturday (Source: Ahram Online).

“On Saturday, the Ministry of State of Antiquities (MSA) recovered five more artefacts that had been reported missing from the looted Malawi National Museum (MNM) on 14th August.

The museum was looted amidst violence that occurred after the dispersal of two pro-Morsi sit-ins at Rabaa street in Nasr City and Al-Nahda square in Giza.

Ahmad Sharaf, head of the Museums section at the MSA, said that the objects included a bronze statue of Ibis, bird god of wisdom and knowledge sitting before a priest, as well as two rounded clay pots, a bronze statue of goddess Isis and a papyrus manuscript bearing eight lines of demotic text written in black.

These objects were handed over to the MSA by an Al-Menya inhabitant.

MSA Minister Mohamed Ibrahim told Ahram Online that until now the ministry has succeeded in recovering 216 of the 1049 artefacts reported missing.

“I am very confident that the Al-Menya inhabitants will hand over all the MNM objects they find in their possession, due to an obligation to preserve and protect their nation’s heritage,” Ibrahim asserted.” – via Ahram Online.


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