NEWS: Tomb of the Nefertiti bust sculptor?

20131022-204616.jpgThe bust of Nefertiti (Source: Archaeology.com).

“French Egyptologist Alain Zivie believes he may have discovered the tomb of the artist Thutmose, the official sculptor of Pharaoh Akhenaten’s court and the genius who is thought to have created the famed bust of Nefertiti.

That iconic sculpture was found in a studio belonging to Thutmose in Akhenaten’s capital of Amarna in 1912. In 1996, Zivie’s team was excavating in a subterranean gallery in the necropolis of Saqqara thought to hold only mummified animals. To their surprise, the archaeologists uncovered a small tomb holding the remains of a man identified as Thutmose and his wife dating to the Amarna period (ca. 1353–1336 B.C.).

The rich depictions of Thutmose and his wife together on a double coffin, as well as the discovery of a colorful ivory palette similar to one discovered in Amarna, fueled Zivie’s suspicion that the Thutmose of the Saqqara tomb and the Thutmose of the Amarna studio were one in the same, and that the master was responsible for the exquisite art in his own tomb.

Still, Zivie allows that his case is not ironclad, saying ‘the story is unfinished'” – via Archaeology.com.


5 comments on “NEWS: Tomb of the Nefertiti bust sculptor?

  1. Ah ! Nefertiti ! she keeps cropping up doesn’t she. She is one of my favorite people in Egyptology, I just wish her remains could be discovered.

  2. This was reported a fake.
    -The bust of Queen Nefertiti housed in a Berlin museum and believed to be 3,400 years old in fact is a copy dating from 1912 that was made to test pigments used by the ancient Egyptians, according to Swiss art historian Henri Stierlin.

    Stierlin, author of a dozen works on Egypt, the Middle East and ancient Islam, says in a just-released book that the bust currently in Berlin’s Altes Museum was made at the order of German archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt by an artist named Gerardt Marks.-

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