VIDEO: See inside the newly discovered tomb of Shepseskafankh!

(Source: ceskatelevize.cz).

“The last great discovery of Czech Egyptologists at Abusir, the tomb of Pharaoh’s doctor, Shepseskafankh, offers a unique perspective on life in the ancient empire.

Shepseskafankh was an influential practitioner of the Pharaoh, in addition to other positions held in several of the temples. Signs on the walls and the analysis of the examination of the skeletal remains of pottery has enabled the image of the man who helped determine the direction of the ancient empire in the mid-Third Millennium BC to arise before the eyes of Czech scientists.

“He was also the King’s confidant and a pure ‘wab’ priest. His titles indicate that he was actually one of the most important officials of the Royal Court”, says the head of archaeological excavations at Abusir, Miroslav Bárta.
The power of the family of Shepseskafankh had been increasing at a time of the pyramids builders. The stone tomb was undisturbed in antiquity, but the cult of the buried began to decline soon after their death. A large necropolis documents in detail the rise and fall of an influential family in the background of the crumbling empire. In the richly decorated tomb of vizier Qara, which is about a century younger, a sharp decline is also evident.

Despite the recent financial cuts, the exploration of South Abusir with fifty years of tradition remains the biggest project of Czech science abroad. And while it has not yet managed to reveal a tenth of the whole territory, Egyptologists believe that the ancient burial site still retains nearly all of its secrets” – via ceskatelevize.cz (translated by The Egyptiana Emporium).

You can view two videos about the discovery (in Czech), with footage inside the tomb, here.

4 comments on “VIDEO: See inside the newly discovered tomb of Shepseskafankh!

  1. The more direct link, Gemma, is http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/ct24/svet/249924-podivejte-se-jak-to-vypada-v-hrobce-faraonova-osobniho-lekare/?mobileRedirect=off . The one you’re using leads merely to a page in deepest czech. Ignore notices saying it won’t work on your system. It may take time to accept you – přehrát znovu means try again :). If you click directly on the main video or the first link underneath you get the latest news in Czech [interesting but not relevant]. The second link, ‘Horizont: Jakub Szántó představuje další objev českých archeologů’ gets you a walk around the tomb, and the third link Komentář Renaty Landgráfové is to a discussion with a lady archaeologist which after a slow start includes a lot of video footage. Both very worth it.

    Many thanks for all your hard work, btw, without which I wouldn’t have discovered anything about the site at all! 🙂

    I post your articles regularly to Egyptology on LinkedIn. I hope this brings readers direct to your excellent pages 🙂

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