NEWS: Unique Neolithic child cemetery found in Egypt

20140106-202441.jpgChild burial at Gebel Ramlah (Source: Past Horizons).

“A burial ground containing the remains of dozens of children and infants has been uncovered in Egypt by a Polish team led by Prof. J Kabacińskiego of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology in Poznan.
Deep in the desert region of Gebel Ramlah, located near the southern border of Egypt, about 140 km west of Abu Simbel, the archaeologists examined a unique necropolis dated to around 6500 years.

To date, there are no known cemeteries in the Western Desert intended almost exclusively for children, infants and foetuses – some of these fragile and poignant remains were found during recent excavations.

“In several cases, newborns were buried along with an adult, probably representing the death during childbirth of the mother. In one case we were able to accurately determine the age of the mother – the woman was only 14 years old “ explained Kabacińskiego.

Graves in the cemetery were relatively small and shallow and could not have been visible on the surface. However, in the case of the child mother burial, archaeologists speculate that there was a clearly visible ground structure, as evidenced by the remains of kerb stones, delineating the extent of the burial chamber” – via Past Horizons.

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4 comments on “NEWS: Unique Neolithic child cemetery found in Egypt

  1. Gruesome story Emma. but on a brighter note Happy New Year.

  2. Fascinating news: were there any adult burials apart from those accompanied by infants? There seems to be more and more evidence cropping up for cemeteries being divided spatially according to age!

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