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NEWS: Fifth Dynasty coffin opened

20140324-182629.jpg(Source: Luxor Times).

“The Czech mission working in Abu Sir directed by Dr. Mirislav Barta discovered a skeleton of a high official called “Nefer” from the time of King “Neferirkare” of the 5th Dynasty. The tomb was discovered last year in November and this season the excavation continued.

The mummy was found when the stone sarcophagus was opened to find the skeleton and a stone headrest under the head.

Ali Asfar, head of the ancient Egyptian department said “The tomb of Nefer is an unfinished stone tomb in a funerary complex of four corridors. The eastern corridor belong to Nefer and a family member; it includes 5 shafts and a false door with inscriptions of Nefer’s titles.

Nefer was the priest of the funerary complex of King Neferirkare, and he held many titles include “Overseer of Scribes of the Royal Documents, and “Overseer of the Golden House and Secret Keeper” – via Luxor Times.

Read more here.


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