NEWS: Two Twenty-sixth Dynasty tombs discovered in old city of Per Medjet

20140421-153124.jpg(Source: Luxor Times).

“Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of Antiquities, has announced the discovery of two Twenty-sixth Dynasty tombs (663 B.C- 525 B.C) in Al Bahnsa, Minia governorate in middle Egypt.
The site of Al Bahnsa is the location of the ancient Egyptian town of Per-Medjet which was developed into the Graeco-Roman city of Oxyrhynchus.

The discovery by the Spanish team works in cooperation with an Egyptian team from the Ministry of Antiquities.

One of the tombs belongs to a scribe. A bronze inkwell and two small bamboo pens were found next to his mummy which is in good condition. Thousands of fish were found in the scribe’s tomb, some mummified. Also the top of a canopic jar was found in the tomb.

The second tomb belongs to a priest who was the head of a family – many of its members were priests in the Osireion which was discovered few years ago about 2 km to the west of the tomb.

20140421-153425.jpg(Source: Luxor Times).

Many large stone sarcophagi were found, some are broken and the rest is in good condition and bears hieroglyphic inscriptions, some alabaster canopic jars were also found inside the sarcophagus. 10s of bronze Osireion statues and bronze coins dated back to 26th Dynasty were also found in the tomb.

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2 comments on “NEWS: Two Twenty-sixth Dynasty tombs discovered in old city of Per Medjet

  1. WOW ! There is no end to these fantastic discoveries. Great news Thanks !

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