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NEWS: German archaeologists find 2 statues of goddess Sekhmet in southern Egypt

“A group of German archaeologists found two statues of Sekhmet, the Ancient Egyptian goddess of war and destruction, during work at a dig in the ruined city of Luxor, in southern Egypt, the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry reported Sunday. The two black granite statues were discovered by the German team making excavations at the funerary temple […]

NEWS: Hieroglyphic – Demotic stela discovered in Taposiris Magna

“The SCA Archaeological Mission in collaboration with the Catholic University of Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic – working at Taposiris Magna Site – North Coast succeeded in discovering a limestone stele inscribed with Hieroglyphic and Demotic inscriptions. The Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Eldamaty stated that the discovered stele contains 20 Hieroglyphic lines with royal cartouches […]