Recommended books

Here I aim to give you my recommendations for general books on Egyptological topics. These books, listed by topic, provide the perfect starting point. 

Coming soon!

3 comments on “Recommended books

  1. Thank you for this wonderful and extensive list of recommended books on Ancient Egypt! I have read a few on this list, and can definitely agree with the recommendations. I would also recommend “People of the Pharaohs” by Hilary Wilson, which is easy to read for the layman (or woman), and pretty much covers every job in a broad sense from peasant all the way to pharaoh.

  2. Thanks for the great website, and the awesome collection of books.

    I still haven’t checked all titles, but have 2 to recommend. #1 Treasures Of Tutankhamun by Edwards, short history, but great color pics w/ catalogue in order they were excavated, and descriptions and background info on each artifact. #2 Discovering Tutankhamen’s Tomb by S. Glubok, (Abridged and adapted from H. Carter and A.C. Mace’s ‘The Tomb of Tut…’) IMO, both exc. books!
    Cheers, John

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