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Tuesday Tomb – QV55

QV55 is the well-preserved tomb of Amunherkhepshef, the eldest son and heir of Ramesses III and Queen Tyti. The tomb was discovered in 1903, and was in extremely good condition despite having been completely looted.

Two scenes on the left wall of the antechamber depicting Ramesses III, followed by Amunherkhepshef, with two of the Sons of Horus, Duamutef (left) and Imset (right) (Photograph from: http://www.touregypt.net/images/touregypt/amenherkhepshef14.jpg).

QV55 is similar to the tomb (QV44) of Amunherkhepshef’s brother, Khaemwaset, although it is smaller. It has been noted that some of the decoration of Amunherkhepshef’s tomb actually exceeds the quality of that in QV44.

Text from The Book of the Dead in QV55 (Photograph from: http://www.touregypt.net)

Prince Amunherkhepshef with the side-lock of youth (Photograph from: http://ib205.tripod.com/vq/Prince_amenherkhepeshef_1.jpg).

Scenes from The Book of Doors decorate the tomb, as well as texts from The Book of the Dead. The prince died when he was just fifteen years old, and is always depicted with the side-lock of youth within the tomb.

He held the titles of Heir to the Throne, Royal Scribe, and Charioteer-in-Chief, and is depicted with his father, Ramesses III. He was also ‘the fan bearer to the right of the king’, as attested in reliefs at Medinet Habu and Karnak, and the Superior of the Two Lands, which was probably a role in the management of the administrative affairs of Egypt.

Very few artefacts were found in the tomb. An unfinished pink granite sarcophagus was found in the sarcophagus chamber, as well as a a small wooden casket holding a mummified foetus.

Pink granite sarcophagus found inside QV55 (Photograph from: http://www.luxor-west-bank.com/uploads/5/8/6/8/5868261/9957990_orig.jpg).

Research has revealed that Amunherkhepshef was never buried in this tomb. The sarcophagus originally designed for Queen Tausret was altered for Amunherkhepshef and discovered in the tomb of the chancellor Bay (KV13).

For more images, see: http://www.luxor-west-bank.com/qv55-amonherkhopshef.html and http://egyptsites.wordpress.com/2009/02/06/tomb-of-prince-amunherkhopshef-qv55/


One comment on “Tuesday Tomb – QV55

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